About - Benn Francis
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Get to know me

Hi, I’m Benn.


I’m a West Australian artist who grew up in Geraldton. Although I live in Perth now, I have a deep desire to live in the bush and connect with nature. I’m a great believer in the power of energy, and that being in tune with energy can bring great revelation and connectedness, as well as times of darkness and despair. However I experience the energy around me, I know it’s all a learning experience and take what I can from each experience so I can grow.


Through reiki, meditation, crystals and other healing modalities, I’ve learnt how to harness, embrace, and manipulate energy, and turn it into art. I use art to bring unseen energy into a tangible format people can see and learn from.


My journey to mixed-media.


I always knew I wanted to pursue art somehow, but my traditional painting skills were limited — even so, using paper and other materials happened accidentally. My partner had a lot of unused scrapbook paper in the spare room, and I saw this as an opportunity for exploration. I started using these materials in unconventional ways to make scenery and bring the energy around me to life.


Through months of trial and error, I uncovered new ways to create beautiful pieces that I felt captured — and conveyed — energy, emotion, and love. Although there were times I felt frustrated, or felt like giving up, the energy always drew me back in. So, I pursued it, and here we are.

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